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Testing south of Tokyo showing large amounts of radiation in car air filters. Burning of radioactive materials throughout Japan. Why? And how will the children be paying for this? If we’re not removing the kids from these contaminated areas, how can we protect them? Everyone on this planet should be seriously concerned about and proactive regarding this situation, as it has and will continue to effect us all.

(Pass this link on to friends living in Japan: Chris Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima http://bit.ly/rn1KkO)

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Laird Hamilton’s daddy Billy Hamilton surfing with his awesome grrl dog Sava! Enjoy. And thanks to Allan Thomas for the music – check him out!

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The Christmas Wish Program (Project Hawai’i) is one of the charities we give to each year. It’s inspired by one hard workin’ wahine, Magin Patrick, who is like the fairy godmother to Hawai’i’s homeless keiki. This year they’re extending their outreach from the Big Island and are even combing the beaches of Oahu, to find forgotten children whose families have resorted to camping out. Please, if can, make even the smallest donation. It is tax deductible and you may feel the joy right through the internet, that you fed a homeless child this holiday season and even provided them with a toy they never dreamed they would receive….

*   *   *   *   *

As the holidays approach we are gearing up to provide thousands of homeless keiki living in poverty. Due to the increased poverty our islands face, we even have more keiki this year than ever before. We even recently found a new homeless camp on O’ahu with approximately 40 children. Santa needs your support to assure that our keiki are able to feel the love of the holiday season.

We will provide the keiki on the Big Island with a holiday dinner party with Santa. Every child will be able to visit Santa, have their photo with him and receive a wonderful gift. The keiki will also enjoy making crafts, playing games to win prizes and enjoy a wonderful hot nutritious meal with their family. These children also receive a stocking filled with hygiene and other great necessities to help enhance their lives.

The keiki on O’ahu will have their gifts delivered on Christmas Day to their communities. Santa’s elves will walk the beaches and bushes to assure that every child is able to have their wish come true. Keiki also receive a holiday meal and hygiene stocking as well.

YOU CAN MAKE THIS A REALITY FOR THOSE WHO WOULD OTHERWISE GO WITHOUT! Make your donation online with the click of a button. Or you can mail your donation to: Project Hawai’i, INC., Christmas Wish Program, P.O. Box 1844, Kea’au, HI 96749. All Donations are Tax Deductible!

$25.00 Sponsors a Child’s Wish; $15.00 Sponsors a Stocking; $35.00 Sponsors a Family Meal; $7.00 Sponsors a Child’s Meal.

PARTY SPONSORSHIP: $100.00 Game Table; $150.00 Craft Table; $200.00 Main Dish Meal Item; $125.00 Side Dish/Dessert Item

Mahalo for Your Kokua, ~Magin Patrick

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Shooting above and below the ocean, hope this footage captured a sense of the memorial paddle out for one of the greatest surfers of our time, Andy Irons – in his hometown of Hanalei, Kaua’i, Hawai’i. It was sincerely a struggle to fully catch on film the magnitude of the event. Mahalo to the Irons family. Edited by Coconut Girl Wireless Productions. Special thanks to Mike Young and Allan Thomas for supplying the music – and everyone who helped with and attended the memorial. All our love to the Irons family. (Please, play full screen in HD).

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Many of us will be driving our cars to the beach this weekend. That’s okay. Hands Across the Sand is a movement made of people of all walks of life and diverse political affiliations and modes of transportation. This is more about the universal quest to utilize optional, clean power sources. The Hands Across the Sands event this Saturday, June 26th, is about people, joining together to make a statement about their concerns and express their desire to protect our coastal economies, oceans, marine wildlife, and fishing industry, particularly  from the devastating effects of off-shore oil drilling. This group started before the tragedy in the Gulf (and the spills in the Red Sea and the Great Barrier Reef this year).

A Message To The World

Hands Across the Sand is now international. Check the website to find groups organized in your area, or help plan your own. Any person in any country may plan events on this website. This is a peaceful gathering of the people of the world. Planning an event is as simple as this:


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We can’t always get mad at the sharks when we get in the way of their feeding frenzy. Yesterday afternoon a tiger shark (who’s been spotted cruising Hanalei Bay the past week or so) got a little close for comfort. Reportedly a baby whale has been hanging out in the bay and a few big sharks followed it in. And supposedly the turtles were going bonkers. One of the surfers –Jim Rawlinson– had his board bit off by a large shark.” Missing was the leash, two fins and a chunk out of the tail of the surfboard, carving teeth marks approximately 1.25 inches, which supposedly translates to a 14 foot shark (every 1 inch equaling 10 feet).

Just for the record, when the shark hit his board Jim rolled off onto the sharks back. He stayed calm and realized it would be best to detach himself from the shark, which was pulling him by the leash. While the crowd scurried to the shore, 68-year-young Rawlinson, realizing he still had one fin left, continued to surf for maybe an hour and reported that he got two really good waves…. :)

Since the tsunami there’s been some anomalies in the waters here, especially in regards to many deep water fishes appearing in more shallow waters (Tigers are much less common and there was even a Great White making an appearance last month); more about that soon. So will that stop the surfers from paddling out at the bay today? Doubtful…surf’s up!

*   *   *

Hey, did you never read our post “Sharks, Swells & Stinky Smells“? Get on it!

Btw, the Bay WAS as busy as ever. Okay, maybe a few of us kept our feet up but everyone was out there!

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There are many homeless children in Hawai’i, but being homeless shouldn’t mean growing up without opportunities for health, security, education, joy…. There’s one woman and one program located on the Big Island* that seems to go above and beyond in order to provide and make a difference and that’s Magin Patrick and The Christmas Wish Program. Her volunteer-based organization doesn’t just provide holiday gifts, meals and festivities for the Big Island’s homeless, poverty-stricken and abused keiki but they also provide life necessities, personal hygiene kits, food, clothing, emergency services, assistance to help families get off the streets, inspiring kids to stay in school, back to school supplies, a reading and tutoring program, teen mentoring…. As if that wasn’t enough work, in 2007 they introduced a 9 week summer camp, where teens from all over the US come to Hawai’i to mentor homeless keiki with a variety of activities and educational programs.

The Christmas Wish Program is now partnering nonprofit with the USDA Summer Nutrition Program. This program allows them to assure proper nutrition for the kids during summer camp and is a stipend they rely on to keep the project running. But a new policy means they need to show financial stability for their projected attendance and the USDA is now requiring them to have their funds before their application can be approved.

So last month Magin put a call out for some financial assistance to help them meet their goals for this year’s summer camp: to provide hot nutritious meals to 75 homeless and poverty-stricken keiki. The deadline is March 5th yet when I got a second email plea I went on their site and saw out of the $12,112 needed, they’d only raised $267 ($60 being from myself and a company I work for). Times are tough and we all feel it, but they’re still looking for people who can help by covering one child’s healthy, hot breakfast, lunch and dinner for a day – just $8.50! All their staff is on a volunteer basis, which allows 100% of all the donations to help the homeless (and they are tax deductible).

It only takes a minute. If can, please kokua!

Christmas Wish Summer Nutrition Program  (First Giving)

For more info:

Magin Patrick, Executive Director, Christmas Wish Program, Inc. & Project Hawai’i, P.O. Box 1844, Kea’au, HI 96749 • (808) 982-8128 or cell (808)987-6018 • HelpingHands@ChristmasWishProgram.org

The Christmas Wish Program

Volunteer Hawai’i: Christmas Wish Program

Volunteer Hawai’i: Teen Mentoring Program

Great Non-Profits

* Eighteen percent of children on Hawai’i Island live in poverty (Hawaii-Tribune Herald, Feb., 2010)

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Right now everyone is still asleep here in Hawaii. Word is they’re going to blast the sirens at 6am. That’s when the town is going to wake up, cancel their surf ‘n’ sun plans and stock up. If there’s one thing people living Hawai’i know how to do, it’s stock up. Especially because if any natural disaster does hit, we never know when the next boat will come to bring us toilet paper (and beer). Tsunami arrival time approx 11:20am (island dependent). Of course, it’s often more about the anxiety of the possibility, but might as well be prepared for the worse (and it can’t really be a bad thing to have an extra case). Follow us on Twitter; will keep you posted from there.

7am update

Gas stations selling out/power being shut off, grocery store lines running around the inside of the store (of course we went to the empty lines no one was using in the middle), roads closed, evacuations, computer works much better than the phone…. three feet doesn’t sound like much, and probably won’t be. There’s more concern for ocean front / sea level property, docked boats, temporary lack of provisions and power….

One interesting aspect, the last tsunami that hit – about 1″ – into Kauai left some beaches covered in sea life – including turtles, seals, shells, etc. What will the sea turtle do this time? Going to Princeville’s St. Regis hotel where members of Save Our Seas are prepped to document / video any effects on the marine life.  Anything good, we’ll post it here!

11am update

Anything happening? At St. Regis overlooking Hanalei … with hundreds of other people. Nothing to report yet except it’s the lowest high tide with much of the reef exposed, there are no turtles in the water, the whales are breaching way outside, and Laird is the only guy they allowed out to surf…just kidding. Actually, the only thing to report is it’s a big party up here and a beautiful day…and the St. Regis bar is making a killing.

*   *   *

And then…our post-hype follow-up piece: Was the Hawai’i Tsunami Warning Really Just a Drill?

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Big Island getting some Obama Love. Okay, it’s actually the Democratic “Grand Rally” where Barack Obama’s sister Maya Soetoro-Ng will be making an appearance on behalf of her bro. That’ll be this Friday, September 19, 2008 from 4-7pm.

Where’s it at? In Hilo at Mooheau Park, 231 Kamehameha Avenue. Supposedly there is only space for 300 (at the park?) – so, click here to RSVP ASAP! More info: Hilo Bay Oceanfront Contact Al Beeman (808.895.1813). Did someone say free hot dogs and chili?

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Hopefully Obama can maintain his integrity and smooth style as he surfs the candidacy for president. But we hope he doesn’t play it too easy! Michael Moore, in his recent rant entitled “How The Democrats Can Blow It, In Six Easy Steps” seemes to adequately point out some of the strange maneuvers as of late – of the Democratic Party side-stepping toward center, to try to win over both sides (though instead potentially losing for exactly those same reasons). I’m not into the extremes of Moore on most occasion – but he brings up some important points. It goes -in much greater detail- something like:

For years now, nearly every poll has shown that the American people are right in sync with the platform of the Democratic Party. They are pro-environment, pro-women’s rights and pro-choice. They don’t like war. They want the minimum wage raised, and they want a single-payer universal health-care system. The American public agrees with the Republican Party on only one major issue: They support the death penalty. So you would think the Democrats would be cleaning up, election after election. Obviously not….

Just follow each of these steps and you, the Democratic Party establishment, can help elect John Sidney McCain III to a four-year extension of the Bush Era….

1. Keep saying nice things about McCain…..
2. Pick a running mate who is a conservative white guy or a general or a Republican.
3. Keep writing speeches for Obama that make him sound like a hawk.
4. Forget that this was a historic year for women.
5. Show up to a gunfight with a peashooter.
6. Denounce me (Michael Moore)!

While we’re doing a small dose of politics right now: There are key core issues on which Obama hasn’t waivered (or offered amenable middle-of-the-road variations). One is women’s rights – specifically to abortion. When women say they are on the fence -especially women I know who have had abortions- I am dumbfounded. And it’s not really about whether or not you like abortions, who does!?! But it’s about what would happen to women if there were no choice. And McCain – he’s #1 top dog for restricting abortion rights (and replacing any competent birth control for the lovely but ignorant dream of abstinence – which, is proven, only puts more young people’s lives at risk). And, in conjunction, are you ready for the after-effects of more right wing conservative members on the Supreme Court? Though there are many good reasons, especially when looking at our country after the past eight years of idiocy, these alone should help make one run not walk to the polls, whether it’s a vote against McCain or for Obama.

Obama, we love your water style, but McCain is playing old school type politics – he knows no other way. He’s like Laird’s character in North Shore – pulling your leash. Don’t let him get away with it – it’s your heat! So while surfing your aloha with a smile – not only remember your competition, but also remember to maintain your ideals and what got you here in the first place. Now go rip it up!

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Straight outta Hilo, Hawai’i, with movements blossoming across the U.S., REVO is up as a big contender in the My Space Impact Awards (“honoring MySpace members for the positive impact they’ve had on our culture” – this month’s category, International Development). You can help them bring more attention to the cause (and bring them a lump sum of mula to keep them running) by simply casting your vote. What is REVO? It’s about one’s ability to start a REVOlution…

REVO thrives on the idea that one person can trigger positive change in the world. REVO provides a framework for anyone to take creative steps toward bringing relief, restoration, and lasting hope in a needful world. So many people want to make a difference but don’t know where to begin– our goal is to inspire MySpace users to use their vocation, passion or talent to START A REVO.

Learn more (get involved) – check REVO out at StartARevo or their MySpace page RevoOfLove.

One person can trigger positive change in the world – and you can start with one vote. Simply click here, log into your MySpace account, and vote once a day (’til voting ends June 20th). Mahalo!

UPDATE: Congratulations to my sista Nina and crew at REVO – winners of the My Space Impact Awards for International Development!!! (and thanks to everyone who took the time to cast their vote!

more about "MySpaceTV Videos: REVO by Chris Potts", posted with vodpod

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barack in the surfI don’t think I’ve ever registered as a Democrat before (no, never as a Republican either), but I’m going to this time. Sure, I don’t agree with either side’s policies on frequent occasion -less government seems like a better idea- but on the other had, I suppose I’m more “liberal” than not on many issues. And I don’t want to be cliché or corny but local boy Obama represents a mood, a spirit, a shifting of awareness, a higher level of being…(and the candidate who is more likely to play in the surf with me…. j.k.). Watching Hillary back at the Iowa debate reminded me why I don’t like or trust her – as much as I may want to see women take leadership roles and give the world a feminine touch. Her version is the same game-playing old school tactics that keep politics so smarmy – and personally, I don’t quite understand the rhetoric that she has more experience than Barack. I’ve been appreciating Obama’s efforts in Congress for a few years now, and I like how he is creating a more transparent government and through such does make the public feel as if they can be witnesses and participants in the process. I like the way he runs his campaign; he’s inspiring. (more…)

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wahines luv o.n.e. coconut waterDespite the absolutely obscene cost of living, Hawai’i does have some economic advantages. I mean, if you’re starving, you can always climb a coconut tree  – preferably a short Samoan – or even find a nut that has fallen (without crackin’) and machete it open (okay, power drills and a straw work great too!). Drink the sweet juice, especially of the young coconut, and feel that fresh electrolyte buzz.

There are certain foods and drinks that, when you’re feeling a little low: tired between sessions, trying to snap out of stoned, getting over a bug… absolutely revitalize you. Thing is, we are rarely able to get the same kind of quality and essence in the processedONE Coconut Water product as we find within the living one.

As for this one, O.N.E. Coconut Water keeps the processing to a minimum. There’s nothing in the list of ingredients that you can’t figure out: 100% natural coconut water – makes sense it’s title translating to “One Natural Experience”. Thing is, it tastes like it. Offering it up to some of the local wahines here – surfer girls who grew up drinking the real thing – they all agreed (“yum!”) it tastes just like the fresh juice.

We can thank the great advancements in the production process over the past decade. Previous to that, minimal options included the old Thailand canned version (high-temp pasteurization, lost nutritional qualities, lotsa preservatives and a weird flavor), or even the first versions of cold-processed microfiltration (still not perfected, with added ingredients like sucrose).

Most important thing is that the packaged product doesn’t just taste great, but it has the qualities that make coconut water so healthy, hydrating, and beneficial to the body. O.N.E. lists off their health benefits as:

ONE coconut water health benefits

O.N.E. was kind enough to send us a case, so I was able see how this product might benefit a surfer. Drinking a container before and after each session, I felt as if I could stay out longer. And the aprés surf dose was sweetly quenching. Even though surfers easily get dehydrated after a typical two-hour session, many of us don’t drink much water immediately after, especially when it’s overcast or we’re chilly or feeling water-logged. Electrolyte drinks tend to be more satisfying – one reason we recommend our Surfer-Girl Lemonade recipe… but sometimes it’s just not convenient. Thing is, an 11oz container of O.N.E. is supposed to hydrate similarly to a liter of water. And it tastes so satisfying, you start to crave it. And you feel so good after drinking it, you’re practically ready to paddle back out.

Coconut water, as a holistically complete, biologically pure, natural isotonic beverage, is the ultimate hydrator. I mean, what other nature-made unprocessed substance can be used as an alternative IV to human blood plasma!? What other unprocessed fluid is, good-to-go, the next best thing to breast milk when you’ve just plum run out?

These coconuts are from Brazil, but that’s okay with me. I mean, personally, I don’t see why Hawai’i doesn’t have their own coconut water production going by now, but powers-that-be here seem more devoted to turning all agricultural lands into housing/ commercial/ tourism opportunities (for their friends, family, and themselves). Of course, these are the same people that lease-out our ag tetra packaginglands to chemical co.’s like Monsanto to help them cover the aina with GMOs and pharm-crops and contaminate our fragile eco-system. Fact is, since we can’t seem to help ourselves, we might as well help support the Amazon Rainforest – as products like this helps to provide sustainability for said region.

And you can’t go wrong with the packaging either. If you must utilize something other than glass, these Tetra-Paks are created with little waste (totally foldable design) and are recyclable. Haven’t researched it but hopefully the lining isn’t as bad as typical plastics.

Still, coconut water – similar to the young “jelly” fruit – can be an acquired taste, especially for those born in areasfalling coconuts where palm trees bare no fruit. But once you do get into it, it becomes a healthy craving. Those lucky enough to enjoy tropical island goodness, you can not only climb a tree, but you can buy coconuts ice cold at any farmer’s market or fruit stands found on the side of the road, which have coolers full of ice-cold coconuts for a few bucks. But if those options aren’t available – or you’re a surfer who wants to make certain you’re going to have some quality refueling available – then I’d seriously stock up on coconut water and make it a delicious part of your re-hydration process.

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hilo flooded soccer fields

<newly formed Lake Hilo>

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more wet…! Sure, East side Big Island residents are used to downpours, sometimes non-stop torentials lasting weeks, months… It’s often considered one of the wettest cities in the U.S. – though most lists on the topic omit it because they only focus on the 48 mainland states. Records at the National Weather Service explain:

Within the city of Hilo, average rainfall varies from about 130 inches a year near the shore to as much as 200 inches upslope. The wettest part of the island, with a mean annual rainfall exceeding 300 inches, lies about 6 miles upslope from the city limits.


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hawaiian airlinesThe airlines in Hawai’i must hate having to raise and lower their fares whenever their competition does – and Mesa (Go Airlines!) is usually the one in control. Though it was only a month ago that they raised their inter-island flights to $49 (with Hawaiian and Aloha Air happily following suit) – today it’s back down to $29. This deal only going ’til 11:59 tomorrow, and that’s for flights through February. So, this is just a heads up – check online and book your flights asap.  Though I think Mesa is corrupt, and they’ll pull out of Hawaii and leave the airline industry here in shambles to suit their needs, still if you’re broke-ass it’s hard to not take advantage of the low fares when they’re offered. Personally, I like Hawaiian Airlines best because they are most often on time and most efficient with luggage and such (though there are often courteous stewards and stewardesses on Aloha too) – so maybe try get your tickets through them first!

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