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hawaiian airlinesThe airlines in Hawai’i must hate having to raise and lower their fares whenever their competition does – and Mesa (Go Airlines!) is usually the one in control. Though it was only a month ago that they raised their inter-island flights to $49 (with Hawaiian and Aloha Air happily following suit) – today it’s back down to $29. This deal only going ’til 11:59 tomorrow, and that’s for flights through February. So, this is just a heads up – check online and book your flights asap.  Though I think Mesa is corrupt, and they’ll pull out of Hawaii and leave the airline industry here in shambles to suit their needs, still if you’re broke-ass it’s hard to not take advantage of the low fares when they’re offered. Personally, I like Hawaiian Airlines best because they are most often on time and most efficient with luggage and such (though there are often courteous stewards and stewardesses on Aloha too) – so maybe try get your tickets through them first!


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Pohoiki Boat Ramp Swimmers

Puna had seemingly been losing the battle in terms of infrastructure and development needed to keep up with the population explosion of the past few years. While there’s been lots of debating, proposals, plans… actually action, when it occurs, is typically slow and inadequate. So it came as a surprise to many when the 5th District was allotted millions in federal grants and other funds for the new Poho’iki/Isaac Hale Memorial Beach Park. Sure, it’s been almost 10 years from conception to adoption to…near completion, but Puna residents have learned to be patient. (more…)

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