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british airways ban surfboardsI always thought the luggage handlers who so carelessly tossed your surfboard onto the plane, or piled heavy baggage atop it, were jealous because you were going on a surf trip while they had to work. But when a whole airlines sez “screw you!” to surfers – you have to wonder why?

Certainly many of us don’t instantly think of merry ol’ England as a surfing mecca (see Britain’s Surf Nation to change your mind), but that island also has their fare share of spots and hot surfers; 500,000 being a most recent figure. And Heathrow is certainly a hub for those on their way to other global surf destinations – icy cold or not.

So it was certainly a shocker when, late last year, British Airways announced “no can” to the whole surf and water enthusiast community.

Please note British Airways will no longer accept a number of larger sporting items as baggage: Hang gliders, Windsurfing boards and sails, Surfboards, Kayaks or canoes, Pole vaults, Javelins

Adding insult to injury, at the same time British Airways announced the surfboard ban, they got busy advertising their great pleasure in carrying your skis, heavy golf clubs and bicycles free of charge. Ouch! (more…)


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