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wahines luv o.n.e. coconut waterDespite the absolutely obscene cost of living, Hawai’i does have some economic advantages. I mean, if you’re starving, you can always climb a coconut tree  – preferably a short Samoan – or even find a nut that has fallen (without crackin’) and machete it open (okay, power drills and a straw work great too!). Drink the sweet juice, especially of the young coconut, and feel that fresh electrolyte buzz.

There are certain foods and drinks that, when you’re feeling a little low: tired between sessions, trying to snap out of stoned, getting over a bug… absolutely revitalize you. Thing is, we are rarely able to get the same kind of quality and essence in the processedONE Coconut Water product as we find within the living one.

As for this one, O.N.E. Coconut Water keeps the processing to a minimum. There’s nothing in the list of ingredients that you can’t figure out: 100% natural coconut water – makes sense it’s title translating to “One Natural Experience”. Thing is, it tastes like it. Offering it up to some of the local wahines here – surfer girls who grew up drinking the real thing – they all agreed (“yum!”) it tastes just like the fresh juice.

We can thank the great advancements in the production process over the past decade. Previous to that, minimal options included the old Thailand canned version (high-temp pasteurization, lost nutritional qualities, lotsa preservatives and a weird flavor), or even the first versions of cold-processed microfiltration (still not perfected, with added ingredients like sucrose).

Most important thing is that the packaged product doesn’t just taste great, but it has the qualities that make coconut water so healthy, hydrating, and beneficial to the body. O.N.E. lists off their health benefits as:

ONE coconut water health benefits

O.N.E. was kind enough to send us a case, so I was able see how this product might benefit a surfer. Drinking a container before and after each session, I felt as if I could stay out longer. And the aprés surf dose was sweetly quenching. Even though surfers easily get dehydrated after a typical two-hour session, many of us don’t drink much water immediately after, especially when it’s overcast or we’re chilly or feeling water-logged. Electrolyte drinks tend to be more satisfying – one reason we recommend our Surfer-Girl Lemonade recipe… but sometimes it’s just not convenient. Thing is, an 11oz container of O.N.E. is supposed to hydrate similarly to a liter of water. And it tastes so satisfying, you start to crave it. And you feel so good after drinking it, you’re practically ready to paddle back out.

Coconut water, as a holistically complete, biologically pure, natural isotonic beverage, is the ultimate hydrator. I mean, what other nature-made unprocessed substance can be used as an alternative IV to human blood plasma!? What other unprocessed fluid is, good-to-go, the next best thing to breast milk when you’ve just plum run out?

These coconuts are from Brazil, but that’s okay with me. I mean, personally, I don’t see why Hawai’i doesn’t have their own coconut water production going by now, but powers-that-be here seem more devoted to turning all agricultural lands into housing/ commercial/ tourism opportunities (for their friends, family, and themselves). Of course, these are the same people that lease-out our ag tetra packaginglands to chemical co.’s like Monsanto to help them cover the aina with GMOs and pharm-crops and contaminate our fragile eco-system. Fact is, since we can’t seem to help ourselves, we might as well help support the Amazon Rainforest – as products like this helps to provide sustainability for said region.

And you can’t go wrong with the packaging either. If you must utilize something other than glass, these Tetra-Paks are created with little waste (totally foldable design) and are recyclable. Haven’t researched it but hopefully the lining isn’t as bad as typical plastics.

Still, coconut water – similar to the young “jelly” fruit – can be an acquired taste, especially for those born in areasfalling coconuts where palm trees bare no fruit. But once you do get into it, it becomes a healthy craving. Those lucky enough to enjoy tropical island goodness, you can not only climb a tree, but you can buy coconuts ice cold at any farmer’s market or fruit stands found on the side of the road, which have coolers full of ice-cold coconuts for a few bucks. But if those options aren’t available – or you’re a surfer who wants to make certain you’re going to have some quality refueling available – then I’d seriously stock up on coconut water and make it a delicious part of your re-hydration process.

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