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barack in the surfI don’t think I’ve ever registered as a Democrat before (no, never as a Republican either), but I’m going to this time. Sure, I don’t agree with either side’s policies on frequent occasion -less government seems like a better idea- but on the other had, I suppose I’m more “liberal” than not on many issues. And I don’t want to be cliché or corny but local boy Obama represents a mood, a spirit, a shifting of awareness, a higher level of being…(and the candidate who is more likely to play in the surf with me…. j.k.). Watching Hillary back at the Iowa debate reminded me why I don’t like or trust her – as much as I may want to see women take leadership roles and give the world a feminine touch. Her version is the same game-playing old school tactics that keep politics so smarmy – and personally, I don’t quite understand the rhetoric that she has more experience than Barack. I’ve been appreciating Obama’s efforts in Congress for a few years now, and I like how he is creating a more transparent government and through such does make the public feel as if they can be witnesses and participants in the process. I like the way he runs his campaign; he’s inspiring. (more…)


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