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Was that really a caucus? Look, I didn’t have any grand illusions that it would be professionally organized; I know these people are volunteers, most first timers. And we have already seen how this election has brought the Democrats out in force. On top of that, certain areas here on Hawai’i Island have getting answers at the hawaii caucusgrown during that last housing boom (some spots experiencing population growth of over 8x since just 1990) – so one could only imagine this year it’d be a little more crowded. But one might also assume there would be a proportionate increase in caucus locations… not so much….

<one volunteer explains, “tink they got da pakalolo over dair”>

My polling place was packed. Considering past presidential caucuses in the whole state of Hawai’i haven’t exceeded 5,000 voters, and though optimistic reports were anticipating maybe 12,000, I was kinda shocked when (by my estimates) there were at least 500 at our caucus location alone (okay a few were kids and dogs, but still)! (note: I just found out, over 1000 people voted there!) It was absolutely amazing; hundreds of people coming and going. (more…)


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