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Since March 11, 2011, there’s been a core group of people who have not forgotten about Fukushima: They haven’t let up on TEPCO or the government agencies who were supposed to warn and protect citizens; they are active in bringing awareness to people worldwide; they work to rescue abandoned animals in the evacuation zones; they struggle to protect children, in Japan and beyond, by offering radionuclide data and health remediation; they are tracking tsunami debris and radioactive ocean water; and they warn people about contamination of food sources. (I myself have driven my friends nuts reporting on this, but it is easily the single worse environmental disaster in modern history and that’s saying a lot considering the continuing BP oil leak in the Gulf.) They know Fukushima is not over – that the plant is still leaking radionuclides into the environment, from Japan to the entire Northern Hemisphere, and will likely continue to do so for many years to come. To that core group of people, we dedicate the iGeigerbrator™.  Enjoy our dark humor… or not.  (concept by Cgirl; design by Kerin Morataya)


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