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Hawaii Winter Heating ToasterDon’t laugh at us when we complain, it gets cold in Hawai’i.

Not ice blistering Alaska cold, but cold all the same.

Before you call us pussies, let me explain. In Hawai’i, most houses are semi-contained. Many places here have either no windows or some windows, and the rest is screened in. There’s no heat, and rarely air conditioning. So whatever the temperature is outside, is what the temperature is inside.

So while the rest of the world would have their thermostats moderating something around 65°, we’re getting nice moist chilled air swooping off the mountains below 50° nighttime through the early morning.

The past few days I’ve had to resort to toaster hand warming, running the oven and opening the door, using the still-hot saucepan (after making rice) on my belly and bones, hot showers, foot soaks, jogging in place, ThermaCare neck warmers taped on the back, wool socks and hoodies, and even stuffing my Malamute / Chow Chow under the covers, to no avail. In a few hours I’ll be in shorts and a t-shirt, and the rest of the freezing world will be jealous, but until then….

While we’re on the topic, every year on weather modification sites you will see posts about snow here. To be clear, before there were airplanes, there’s been snow on the tops of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. That doesn’t discount “geoengineering” by any means, nor does it discount the fact that even those not living near the tops of volcanos are shivering.

I might even have to bust out my long sleeve 2mil wet suit top today for our current brisk ocean temp of 75.7 – what, don’t laugh!

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Yesterday concluded two day’s worth of testimony to restrict genetically modified organisms on Hawai’i Island. Though ironically the initial impetus in genetically engineered foods began there with the GM papaya, the Big Island – unlike all the other Hawai’i Islands – has not yet been inundated with GMO farms. (For more about the topic, read this recent Huffington Post article “GMO & Pesticide Experiments in Hawai’i: The Poisoning of Paradise” on the precarious situation.) This may be due in part to the lack of soil there, as well as the fact the people have been so diligent in fighting against it, particularly with coffee and taro – but it’s only a matter of time if it’s not stopped now.

GMO Hawaii Bill HearingA large number of people, from all islands, turned out both pro and con for Bill 79, with lots of informed testimony. This could have some implications on other anti-GMO bills on the table in Hawai’i, including Bill 2491 on KauaiAn overwhelming majority of the public favored the Bill, while pretty much everyone speaking out against it either farms GMOs, works for GMO companies, or are bought for and paid by GMO companies. Opposers to the bill seemed oddly misinformed, not just about GE crops, but about the bill itself, which includes exemptions for existing GMOs – like papaya – already on the island.

Here are a few testimonies that should go viral. Check out Big Island Video News for more of the proceedings.

Kealoha Sugiyama’s testimony was a crowd favorite – see why:

Comedian and organic farmer Aunty Granny Roseanne Barr was front and center. She grabbed her balls (or nuts) a few times at the meeting (symbolically), offering some help to the current GMO farmers on the Big Island, “Everybody here is very giving, and they would bend over backwards to burn those papayas and grow something decent.”

A pretty good timeline of the GMO fight in Hawai’i*, leading up to Bill 79:

The food fight will continue July 30th, Tuesday at 9AM in the Kona Council Chambers (we find this very curious, as the next date for the Kauai Bill 2491 Public Hearing is July 31st, which would obviously make it more difficult for activists, organic farmers, etc. to attend both. Hmmm.)

From Babes Against Biotech: 

Hawaii County Bill 79 to ban GMOs is recessed until July 30, 9AM in Kona Council Chambers…. Wille will introduce a stronger draft with less holes and exemptions which biotech could enter below the radar upon. Ilagan stated he plans to introduce an amendment as well, which will be upon the original draft as Willes’ final amend[ed] version will not be available until then…. [After] which case the Council will have to agree upon a version in discussion of multiple proposed amendments. Be on the lookout, reach out to your Hawaii Councilmembers.

Like Babes Against BiotechGMO Eradication Movement, GMO-Free Kauai, on Facebook for updates.

* Though we’ve mentioned it many times before, we’ll cover more on the lies regarding the supposed “success” of the GE Papaya.

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Mac Nut Hawaii 2

Mac Nut Trees Typically Drop Nuts From May Through December

What’s a girl to do when the guy at the farmer’s market has a couple bunches of basil left that he practically wants to give to you (sometimes it pays to arrive late). Well, if you’re a girl in Hawai’i with a mac nut tree that just won’t quit, you rush home to make a batch of Mac Nut Pesto.

Here’s our quick un-recipe (measuring cups be damned):

  • 2 bunches o’ basil
  • 2 cloves garlic. (Heck, I’d add even more if it was just for me. What, I’m obsessed!)
  • 20 mac nuts
  • Organic Oils

So in a nut shell, the hardest part of this recipe is the nut shell.

If you don’t have a mac nut tree, it’s good to buy your nuts in the shell. They last longer and are less likely to be rancid. Order online from Monika’s Mac Nuts in Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawai’i – they send them to you ready to crack. But cracking takes some finesse – we’ll get to that in a bit.

Hawaii Mac Nuts MK Wares Pottery

If you have tree access, don’t pick the nuts directly off of it. Instead, wait ’til they fall in their soft green husk. And though it’s recommended that you harvest the nut within a day or two after it has fallen, we often don’t get to it ’til the nut is part way or completely out of the husk. Cons: Potential mold, heat respiration, creatures nibbling on your nuts. Pros: less work, the unused nuts becoming natural compost for the tree. On the side of the tree that gets more shade, the nuts are sometimes moldy, but otherwise they’re typically fine.

Once you have the nuts de-husked, you want them to dry out a bit inside the shell. That allows it to lose some moisture content and shrink; making space between the nut and the shell. After that it’s easier to crack and separate.

Typically I put them in a flat bowl and for a month keep them in the window sill that gets some afternoon sun (it’s difficult to get things to dry in high humidity, especially if you live in areas with less sun and wind exposure). You can also use a food dehydrator over the course of a few days.

Give this job to your boyfriend or husband or someone with patience & muscles

Give this job to your boyfriend or husband or someone with patience & muscles

This time though I grabbed them right off the ground and wanted to use them as soon as I could. Solution? Stick them in the oven at a very low temp for a few hours. The idea is to try to keep it as “raw” as possible and not heat the oils. Sure, it’s not enough time to really dry and shrink the nut much but it sure makes the shell easier to crack. And though you’ll still have to nudge the meat out, in this case, keeping it whole isn’t a priority anyway.

Though hammers work, I splurged on a $20 Australian Crack-A-Mac from Monika’s. Tip: Crack it on the little dot that appears on the shell.

Once you de-husk and de-shell it’s pretty simple: throw it all in the food processor.

It got a little ADD when it came to choosing the oil and I ended up including a splash of: Dr. Bronner’s* Coconut, Epicurean Organics Olive, Udos, and Nutiva’s* Hemp (sign up for Nutiva’s newsletters – they have amazing Tuesday sales).

Mac Nut Pesto

Use whatever oil you have – even more Mac Nut – but you gotta have some olive oil for that Mediterranean flavor. Look for organic, cold pressing, extra virgin, and for the light sensitive oils always get them in a darker glass. Also because the mac nuts have a good amount of Omega 3, you’ll maintain a decent balance even if you are adding oils that are high in Omega 6.

Our mac nut pesto came out yummy – ate it on pasta, sprouted breads, crackers, added to more oil to make a salad dressing. Eventually got reconstructed into a cream cheese salmon spread for a few wayward poppyseed spelt bagels.

Mac Nut Pesto Toast

Cheap, yummy and healthy – what’s not to luv

* support companies who don’t use GMOs and helped fight for GMO labeling!

Note: If you want to grow your own mac nuts, they do prefer a decent amount of rainfall. Check out this video.

Quick plug, the cute lavender / blue / green stoneware in two of the above photos is from MK Wares who makes the most beautiful pottery. Check them out.

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For the first hour or two after the planes spray, you can see the remnants of the actual line(s), followed by many random criss-cross patterns that come from the ocean and cross Hanalei Bay.

Our sky pollution in Hawai’i is caused mostly by a volcano and the purposeful spraying of “chemtrails” by planes. Criss-cross patterns that make no sense considering the very particular air traffic to and from Hawai’i, with a specific “start” and “stop” marker that doesn’t appear as a continuous “contrail” (there’s not supposed to be an on/off switch), and that don’t evaporate as a contrail would (there needs to be specific conditions required for a contrail to form and then not dissipate). Often we can watch them doing it. Other times they** spray over the Pacific Ocean, and let the trade winds or Kona winds carry them in, after which we observe the absolutely clear, crisp blue sky disappear before our eyes as a blanket of color-muting haze.

The strips degenerate into ribbony wisps so the sky appears more white than blue. It starts in the morning and lasts a majority of the day, sometimes supplemented with more sky painting in the afternoon.

Those with asthma, respiratory and allergy issues are worst hit, but even those who don’t have health issues notice burning eyes, shortness in breath (as if you spent the day exercising in a very smoggy city or smoking a lot of cigarettes) and/or fatigue.***

Sure, we are abused by military exercises in Hawai’i, they like to call it “chaff” in the news [“What looked like rain wasn’t rain, it was military chaff” –Guy Hagi, KGMB weatherman, 1/16/2012], and it’s suggested spraying here is done to affect radar. Often you hear people call the haze “vog” (volcanic smog), despite the fact that when there are trade winds, which is a majority of the time, they push the vog away from most islands except S/W of Hawai’i Island.

The chemtrails (and HAARP affected clouds) are seen more and more often (especially over the past five years) here and around the world. In fact, the most immediately dramatic effects of this spraying that I’ve ever witnessed was visiting Morro Bay; when I got up early to check the surf, and watched about five planes – flying back and forth – absolutely saturate the skies. Within an hour the beautiful morning was gone, yet anyone who woke up late and only looked up at the sky after 7 a.m. might have thought it just another foggy day in the central coast of California.

What are in these chemtrails, and what is the purpose behind them, are addressed in Michael Murphy aptly titled films “What in the World Are They Spraying?” and the just released follow-up: “Why in the World Are They Spraying?” Watch the full length movie here. Spread the word. Start a dialogue. It’s kinda hard to look up in the skies, witness with our own eyes, and deny what’s going on any longer.

For the most updated picts/info check these wacko fringe groups who are obsessed with the outdated notion of blue skies and clean air😉 : AirCrap.org; Kauai Sky Watchblog / Facebook page; Maui Sky Watch; Maui Clean Sky Ordinance FB (Maui residents craft legislation to ban aerosol spraying; read the actual bill); Chemtrail Awareness; Stop Spraying California; GeoEngineering Watch.

* It still attracts cuckoo birds, too.  ** No, I don’t know who “they” are – from the climate engineers, government entities, private companies, pilots spraying – but considering all the military in Hawai’i I would assume they would be most efficient in getting the job done. Then again, you could just use Hawaiian Airlines….  *** Certainly not complementary to the health issues people may be having post-Fukushima (including the cesium which invades muscle tissue).

Chemtrails at Kealia Beach, East side Kauai

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There are a few groups I like to donate to when I can, and this is one of them: Project Hawai’i. Project Hawai’i helps with homeless families on the Big Island and Oahu including day camps, sleepover camps, holiday meals, Christmas gifts… little things that are HUGE things in the lives of homeless keiki. Summer camp is just around the corner and right now, for just $4.50 (as they say, the cost of a latte) you can provide a meal, or $12.50 for whole day’s worth of meals. Tax-deductible donations can be made through their goal chart page “Summer Camp Food Menu Drive”, or mail a check direct to: Project Hawai’i, POB 1844, Kea’au, HI 96749. Mahalo for your kokua!

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There are many homeless children in Hawai’i, but being homeless shouldn’t mean growing up without opportunities for health, security, education, joy…. There’s one woman and one program located on the Big Island* that seems to go above and beyond in order to provide and make a difference and that’s Magin Patrick and The Christmas Wish Program. Her volunteer-based organization doesn’t just provide holiday gifts, meals and festivities for the Big Island’s homeless, poverty-stricken and abused keiki but they also provide life necessities, personal hygiene kits, food, clothing, emergency services, assistance to help families get off the streets, inspiring kids to stay in school, back to school supplies, a reading and tutoring program, teen mentoring…. As if that wasn’t enough work, in 2007 they introduced a 9 week summer camp, where teens from all over the US come to Hawai’i to mentor homeless keiki with a variety of activities and educational programs.

The Christmas Wish Program is now partnering nonprofit with the USDA Summer Nutrition Program. This program allows them to assure proper nutrition for the kids during summer camp and is a stipend they rely on to keep the project running. But a new policy means they need to show financial stability for their projected attendance and the USDA is now requiring them to have their funds before their application can be approved.

So last month Magin put a call out for some financial assistance to help them meet their goals for this year’s summer camp: to provide hot nutritious meals to 75 homeless and poverty-stricken keiki. The deadline is March 5th yet when I got a second email plea I went on their site and saw out of the $12,112 needed, they’d only raised $267 ($60 being from myself and a company I work for). Times are tough and we all feel it, but they’re still looking for people who can help by covering one child’s healthy, hot breakfast, lunch and dinner for a day – just $8.50! All their staff is on a volunteer basis, which allows 100% of all the donations to help the homeless (and they are tax deductible).

It only takes a minute. If can, please kokua!

Christmas Wish Summer Nutrition Program  (First Giving)

For more info:

Magin Patrick, Executive Director, Christmas Wish Program, Inc. & Project Hawai’i, P.O. Box 1844, Kea’au, HI 96749 • (808) 982-8128 or cell (808)987-6018 • HelpingHands@ChristmasWishProgram.org

The Christmas Wish Program

Volunteer Hawai’i: Christmas Wish Program

Volunteer Hawai’i: Teen Mentoring Program

Great Non-Profits

* Eighteen percent of children on Hawai’i Island live in poverty (Hawaii-Tribune Herald, Feb., 2010)

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We have a follow-up on the Chile tsunami potentially hitting Hawaii and the post-tsunami rumor mill. We’ll keep the info nicely tucked away in the “allegedly” category. For your consideration:

1) We have offshore buoy reports that accurately predict swells (size and direction) coming into Hawaiian waters. These are the buoys that give us our surf forecasts, and the forecasters who translate this information are amazingly accurate. So wouldn’t you think that these same buoys could give us the same information about a wave generated by a tsunami? On top of that there is tsunami detection equipment set not only on buoys but on the sea floor. NOAA satellite’s can measure the surface of the ocean to a millimeter, minute by minute, as well as sand build up under the water. So wouldn’t they be able to measure a 3-6 foot swell heading into Hawai’i, especially as the wave got closer? Sure there are degrees of variance, including how a tsunami may hit different areas on the island. But post event we now hear that many looking at the readings already knew the wave was going to safely pass Hawai’i. So why wasn’t the tsunami called an “advisory” (which would have better fit their criteria) instead of a warning”, at least as it made its way closer and it became more undeniable?

2) The alarms went off at 6am and instead of authorities saying, Get your ass out of town by 11:00, what was repeatedly stated is, you have plenty of time, don’t rush, don’t hurry. Sure, in the best of worlds keeping people calm and collected in the face of challenges is a wonderful accomplishment (especially with Hawai’i’s quickly congested 1-2 lane roads), but one would assume more fervent evacuations might have been conducted. Though many evacuations took place, some who reside in shoreline areas commented that it felt a little off that with such a definite forecast of a tsunami warning there wasn’t a greater sense of imminent danger.

A possible conclusion:  If the government agency in charge of emergency response chose to – instead of calling off the warning – use the situation as a tsunami drill… then the drill was well performed and a success. Fact is, it’d be darn near impossible to make a true-to-life mock tsunami drill, so it was a great opportunity. In the end of course, it’s always better to err on caution (unless you’re Chicken Little). And as far as economic stimulation (well, at least for Foodland and the news shows/sites) – check!

Anyway, you decide.

p.s. You think I can return all these supa-sized Crystal Geyser waters?

p.p.s. Btw, the info about the tsunami readings, that it was known early on that Hawai’i was in no danger, was confirmed by an anonymous higher-up in the military with a little lot more insider info than us surf rats.

*   *   *

March 1, 2010: Today the news explained away the tsunami warning stating that the readings for the tsunami were 50% higher than they should have been. That no tsunami warning for Hawai’i should have even been made. So why was it? Officials blamed it on unexperienced workers who couldn’t read the new equipment correctly.

They didn’t mention when this fug-up was actually realized, but it does mean we’re supposed to believe that they based this huge tsunami warning on a few incompetent workers. Regardless, as it made its way towards Hawaiian waters (where we have the most amazing surf forecasters, tsunami central for the Pacific, etc.), logic dictates that the true nature of this tsunami must have been realized well before the warning was finally called off after noon.

Again, you decide…..

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