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Word is that these chemical sunscreen companies have known about the very serious problems with oxybenzone since 2008 when the first studies started being published. It’s not surprising they have “New & Improved” formulations without oxybenzone ready to go – already filling the shelves at Hawaii’s ABC and other stores right now! Wonder why their lobbyists are still running around the capitol complaining about restrictions on their toxic chemical ingredients. Perhaps because oxybenzone is just the worst offender. Perhaps because as the DLNR stated in their press release, people who care about Hawaii’s coral reefs should also be avoiding: homosalate, octisalate, octinoxate, octocrylene, avobenzone – just some of the ingredients not allowed in Mexico’s marine reserves. Perhaps because so many more efficient non-toxic natural brands are already available and they fear losing any market share.

Will be interesting if they can’t even be behind the game to protect people, sea life, corals by banning sales and use of at minimum oxybenzone in Hawai’i. Don’t worry though, if Hawai’i doesn’t pass a bill, doesn’t make a stand, there are many areas across the U.S. and countries around the world that are presently working on bills and hoping to be the first to put forth an official ban. Perhaps if a ban of these ingredients occurs somewhere else, that can somehow help Hawai’i… if they’re not willing to help themselves.

Oxybenzone Free Sunscreens Better but still not reef safe ban toxic sunscreens Hawaii
If you’d like to send a note to Hawai’i legislators supporting restrictions of oxybenzone and toxic chemical sunscreen ingredients in Hawai’i, do it this week!: reps@capitol.hawaii.gov & sens@capitol.hawaii.gov  Learn more at bantoxicsunscreens.com

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Deep_water_posterEver obsessed with ocean flicks, we’ve recently been catching up on sailing docs: Maiden TripFive Lost at Sea, Morning Light and finally a chance to check out 2006’s Deep Water. The true story of the first solo, non-stop, round-the-world yacht race 1960s, and the psychological toll it took on the competitors, specifically dark horse Donald Crowhurst.

An excerpt from Crowhurst’s logbook:

The explanation of our troubles is that cosmic beings are playing games with us. During his lifetime, each man plays cosmic chess against the devil. G-d is playing with one set of rules, and the devil with other exactly opposite set of rules. The shameful secret of G-d, the trick he used, because the truth would hurt too much, is there is no good or evil. There is only truth.

Well, he certainly got that right. Watch it here

* James Marsh is directing Rachel Weisz and Colin Firth in a biopic on Donald Crowhurst called The Mercy due out January 2017.

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Dr. Beach names Hanauma Bay the #1 beach in this year’s Dr Beach Top 10 Beaches in America. What is unfortunate is that the corals at Haunama are dead. While in Mexico marine reserves restrict toxic sunscreens that damage corals, in Hawaii there are no such restrictions (shocking considering Hanauma is touted as a “Nature Preserve”). There is a serious die-off of corals occurring right now in Hawaii that correlates specifically to sunscreen usage. Exposés like this encourage an increase of tourists to specific areas and will stress the environment even more.

Dr. Beach (self-proclaimed as “America’s Foremost Beach Expert) should use the health of the waters, corals, sea life as part of his criteria to rating the health of beaches before sand softness and smoking. [Read his criteria here] If there’s no testing for toxins, carcinogens, hormone disruptors like oxybenzone, octocrylene, octinoxate, avobenzone on the sand and in the water, these beach sand and water quality tests are not really complete.

We can rarely go to Hawai’i beaches during the summer (or winter or spring break for that matter) without getting bombarded by tourists gooping and spraying these chemicals. How can a beach be “the best beach” when they are now crowded with tourists blasting atomized carcinogens into the lungs of everyone in the vicinity. If you don’t breath this stuff in, you’re likely swimming in it, as most formulations come right off in the water (that nice rainbow sheen) and the kids are playing in it while building their sandcastles.

It’s been shown that these chemicals don’t just kill the corals, but they create an environment antithetical to their existence. That’s because they destroy DNA and affect hormones (yes, they do similar things to you and your children). Studies have shown that if the water conditions are overwhelmed by these chemicals (which doesn’t take a lot – about one drop per Olympic-sized swimming pool), baby corals can not grow. So whether the coral died because of the chemicals or because these beaches are now overwhelmed with tourists trampling and manhandling the corals, efforts to regrow or transplant them often fail.  

Dr. Beach, we love that you appreciate Hawai’i beaches (two in fact made the list this year), but you should balance these announcements by using your platform to help educate about eco safe / reef safe sunscreen. We need to change our approach to UV protection, and use products that are safe for us and the environment. If beach-lovers don’t wake up, they’re going to inundate these amazing places with their toxic sunscreens and tax the ecosystems to their limits. As far as we’re concerned, that doesn’t make for a nice beach.

Haunama Bay Dr Beach

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Gotta love that this video is getting so many views – meteorologist Guy Hagi even used it on the weather report. Yes, it’s crazy that South Kona on Hawai’i Island is getting this much flooding. Typically you see flooding more on the East side, not so much on the West. Also, this video was taken days before Tropical Storm Niala even passed by! We’ll keep an eye on the storm because with more rain coming and the ground completely saturated there may be more flooding to come. But what we really hope for is that Kainoa and her hubby are the ones shooting the videos. Actually, let’s pay them to just drive around and do the weather report, simply for the commentary. #HawaiiStyle

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Every surfer has experienced it. Arriving at the beach, seeing the waves going off, getting stoked, suited up and ready to go, only to discover you forgot something kinda important: board shorts, bikini, leash… something. The other day I forgot to replace the leash string on my board. The waves were wind swell chop with a ton of current, so I couldn’t go without a leash. And since I only had time for a quickie jump-in-the-ocean-to-cool-off sesh, I didn’t have time to hike back to the car to figure out other options. Luckily it was an east shore spot which, in Hawai’i at least, usually (sadly) means there is no shortage of beach trash that oft makes its way from Asia. Reduce reuse recycle. Thus, my jimmy rigged string (with back up wire) seen below — hey, it worked!

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Testing south of Tokyo showing large amounts of radiation in car air filters. Burning of radioactive materials throughout Japan. Why? And how will the children be paying for this? If we’re not removing the kids from these contaminated areas, how can we protect them? Everyone on this planet should be seriously concerned about and proactive regarding this situation, as it has and will continue to effect us all.

(Pass this link on to friends living in Japan: Chris Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima http://bit.ly/rn1KkO)

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Coming Back Soon

hawaii sunset

Aloha, Thanks so much for your patience…even if you weren’t planning on being patient. Life is amazing through all it’s pain and beauty – sometimes it’s enough to simply try to persevere. A small sliver of light in the storm so we hope to be posting more Coconut Girl Wireless soon – this is just a forewarning. I don’t know how our readership grew so much while we were away but we appreciate. Mahalo mucho gusto.

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