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<yo wil… think this one is even more to-the-point than the “Yes We Can” Obama original …and way mo funny>

The Clinton’s are disliked too much by the Republican’s. And if Hillary winds up as the Democratic nominee, the Republican’s have the weapons, the ammunition, all the Clinton corruption we’re sick of hearing about…to utilize against her. Clinton will inspire a nation of neo-cons to come out in force, to make sure their militarist nationalist Bush-backed Republican McCain will win and maintain the anti-terrorism terrorism, Patriot Act spying on US citizens, war mongering, and keep us in Iraq for years…and years…to come. Despite some of his once-positive attributes, and nevermind that he once stood up for things he believed in, McCain will become another puppet – just like our current president. We have already witnessed this shift since he decided to run for office (though some blame it on senility or an honest admitting to not recalling his own voting history or perspective on core issues). Recently he’s made advances to appeal to the extreme conservatives – who constantly bagger him that he’s not conservative enough. The only thing that’s consistent about his beliefs, is that he’ll flip-flop on them in order to get elected: he now wants to overturn Roe vs. Wade, now wants no campaign finance reform, now is for torturing war criminals (of all things), etc.



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